My Life Themes and Representing Illustration

Mandi of Caged No More has posted her own results from the Life Themes activity offered last week on Better Endings. Good work, Mandi! (I will respond better after processing…I am still traveling and just arrived at my hotel today.) Readers please also see the new Sunday post for this week’s theme of Your Turning Points, also posted today. Mandi’s artistic reflections are a great way to brig these forward for your reflection!

Where Madness & Truth Collide.

I found such an interesting idea, concept, and prompt from my friend Linda at that I want to share with everyone.

From Linda’s Post, The Writing Task at hand to be shared along with your visual representation:

“How about you? If you were to draw the trend or pattern of each of your primary Life Themes, what tendencies and impacts does each one weave? Do some Life Themes tend to lift you higher while others hold you back or keep you ‘down’ in some respect? Do you tend to shift to one or another of these thematic threads unconsciously to negotiate the ups and downs of your life? I invite you to sketch these patterns out; you can use different colored pencils or  crayons for each Life Theme trend or pattern. If you show each one chronologically from birth til now, you can see how their different patterns overlap…

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One thought on “My Life Themes and Representing Illustration

  1. Mandi’s creative reflection shows how her Life Themes have formed a dramatic, integrative story over time. Reflecting like this can reveal how you each have developed key life insights and Strengths. Good work, Mandi! Linda

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